Have you ever heard anyone say that you can’t choose your family? Maybe even you said it yourself! However, the reality is that you pick your parents and the family you are born into! Yes, that is correct, you choose them! Before you come to Earth you have a choice of your parents, where you want to live and what your life purpose is. This is all chosen before you come here! Now I can hear a few of you now, there is NO WAY I choose these people! Again, I am here to tell you that you did, just like I did myself! Coming from a traumatic abusive childhood that thought is a bit harder to swallow, but I chose them! When you are choosing your parents and lessons that you want to learn, sometimes you don’t realize how hard the path might be because we have free will. I am sure when I chose my parents that I didn’t think it would have been so extreme, but it was. The kicker is that you don’t know the entire outcome of the lessons because of the choices we make here on earth. Or I could have known the extremes and thought that it would be easy to deal with! I’m laughing at that thought because I do like challenges! Nevertheless, I chose them to bring me in this world. They became my greatest teachers because they taught me what not to do in life. Without them I would not be on this path that I am today! So, I thank them for this difficult path because it made me stronger! Now another interesting thought is that you are an older soul than your parents too! That means you have come to Earth more times than they have and experienced more things too. This is another reason why sometimes we feel like we are the parents to them and have more knowledge, which you do! I always find this thought fascinating because many times I hear parents tell me that their child is an “old soul,” which technically is truth! Anyways, if this information fascinates you, read “The Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton. He has soul millions of copies about our lives between lives and how we pick them. I even love his second book better called “Destiny of Souls.” These books give you some great background on this and in some cases, may stir your memories of the process of the selection. So, the next time you say I didn’t pick my parents or family, think again because you did!