Many times, we have things that happen in our lives and we just pass is off as a coincide, but is it really? Those things that we just can’t explain or maybe it was a “de ja vu” moment. However, these moments are called synchronicities. What is synchronicity?  Synchronicity is described as “the simultaneous occupancy of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” There are several ways that synchronicity can come about. Sometimes the Universe puts “guides” in our lives to help us chose a path or way, it is as if they heard your prayers or thoughts. This person that came in helped to change your life and put you on a new path. It was like they showed up at the right time. Another way the Universe works synchronistically is with numbers. You might see the same number show up repeatedly. I blogged about this in spiritual awakening. It’s like a wake call for you to start your life purpose. Still another way would be that everything just seemed to line up as it was “perfect timing.”To demonstrate some of these synchronicities, you could be driving and you know that your car should have been hit in an accident and you got around it go some reason. Maybe it was a time when someone just appeared into your life when you needed them the most, as they understood what you were going through. Or maybe you dreamt about something and it did come to fruition in your reality. These are perfect examples of synchronicities. It is something that just seem very coincidental but really it is the work of the Universe. So instead of passing things off now as coincidental, thank the Universe for giving you a Synchronicity!