Since the New Year has started, I wanted to blog about vision boards! What is a vision board? A vision board is a tool to help you focus on what you are wanting in the year to come. This board can be constructed of paper or may be created on a computer or phone screen, displays images of what you want to represent or have in your life.

Why Would Someone Want to Create a Vision Board?

The reason people like to create vision boards vary from having clarity or focus on what your intentions are for the year, reminding one of their affirmations on a daily basis or just a clearer picture of what you would like to manifest for the year! If you are not sure what “manifesting” is read the blog how to manifest.” I tell people I like to create a vision board each year because I am manifesting what I want but I am also using the Thoughts using the Laws of Attraction.” If you are not familiar with this concept you can read about it in this link above. Basically you are putting out to the Universe of what you are wanting to bring in your life! Remember you write you own script to you future, vision boards are great tool to do this!

How to Create a Vision Board?

To create a vision board on paper, you need to find some old magazines, newspapers or photos. Cut out pictures or words of things that you want to bring in for your new year. Then paste them on a paper in groups of what you are wanting. If you want a new job, then paste those pieces in one area on the paper. If you are wanting to bring in a romantic relationship do the same and so on. This will be the same concept if you are doing this on a computer.

Where to Place a Vision Board When Completed?

Place the vision board on a wall where you can view it on a daily basis. By looking at the pictures and words, reminds the individual of what this person wants to bring in to their life. If this was created on your computer or phone, make sure you are able to view it on a daily basis. One way to do this is to make it your screen saver!

Lastly, when creating a vision board, focus in on your goals that you want to bring in for the year. Be crystal clear on what you are manifesting! If you want to make more money at your job, don’t just show a picture of money, find the amount of money you want to attain by placing that on the board! By seeing the pictures and words on a daily basis, this reminds you of the intentions you are wanting to create this year! Have fun finding the things that will inspire you to put them on your board! Remember it is YOUR thoughts that create your future!