I love this time of year because it is Spring, and Easter is upon us. Some of us celebrate this holiday and others do not. No matter if you celebrate this holiday or not, this is the time of year when rebirth happens. Baby birds are born, flowers are in bloom and the animals that were in hibernation are now coming out to live life again. I love that Easter incorporates eggs because its another sign of rebirth. I love to dye the eggs different colors and make different patterns on them. This brings me so much joy because I know that when I am doing this, Spring has begun. I love this time of year because it reminds you to remember “life. Are you living life every day to the fullest? Are you seeing the life of nature be born? Are you looking at your life to see what you can do to rejuvenate you and make a transition for a rebirth? Just like the caterpillar, we can transform into the butterfly for a rebirth, a reminder of a new life. For me, I have had this reminder so much this past year of living life to the fullest. I am grateful for a new day that I encounter and another day I am blessed to live with. For me, my health and Covid has put me on this trajectory of seeing each day with joy. However, this Easter has reminded me of this even more! I am grateful that my cousin has survived Covid as well as, and I am still working on my health to combat that too. This Easter has been about the gratitude of how precious life is! Both my cousin and I are so grateful to still be a part of this world! We have transformed into a butterfly which has brought us a new perspective and will to live life more! We both feel we have more things to do on this Earth and are overjoyed that we are here to do it! So, for this Easter, do you need to see things from a new perspective? Do you need to transform into a butterfly? If so, look at what needs to be changed in your life to transform It and bring on a new birth of your life. You can do this and remember to see the joy of what Easter brings!