I wanted to touch on the subject of “Releasing Self of Guilt and Shame” because so many people need to hear this message. Many times we hold so many feelings inside of our bodies that should have been released when the situation occurred. Maybe it was a breakup that you encountered and you are feeling shameful for being in that environment. Maybe it was something you said to another person that you feel guilty about saying. Maybe it was a choice that you had to make that lead to you feeling guilty and shameful about what occurred. Does this resonate with you? Do you keep going over and over in your mind about this situation and replaying what happened? If so, it is time to “break that record” that continues to play in your head!! When we release oneself of guilt and shame we are letting go of the situation and forgiving ourselves for what has occurred. By forgiving yourself you are allowing yourself the chance to now heal from that situation. We all have lessons that we need to learn in this life, this was probably one of the lessons you needed to learn from!  Just because the situation occurred and you were a part of that scenario does not mean you have to continue to carry this burden! Nor does it mean you need to continue to play this “record” in your head! Release it!!! By releasing the feelings of guilt and shame you are allowing yourself to not only heal but also grow. You have learned things or patterns that you might now want to repeat again. It is like a child that touches the hot stove with their hand. It was a lesson that was painful but also something that they will not repeat! This is the same situation! Knowing the patterns of the lesson and not repeating them again in the future! Remember the journey of life is about encountering lessons of good and bad situations. When one does encounter a bit situation RELEASE IT and LEARN from it, DON’T carry that burden with you! By letting go of guilt and shame this allows for one to truly understand the lesson that you need to know and also the chance to not repeat that in the future!