In Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Deck there is a “Release and Surrender” card I wanted to write about today. I have had many clients ask about this specific card and I wanted to give more information regarding it. Many times in our lives we have difficult situations thrust upon us. These situations can create worry, guilt, fear and disappointments. You may have experienced a heavy burden on your heart and you just don’t know what to do. Many people try and “fix” the situation and it then may create a worse situation! When this happens you are at a standstill and patience is required.

How does one have “patience” when this situation feels like a bomb is blowing up in your world?
This leads us to the Release and Surrender card. When this card is drawn in a reading, it tells the client to take their hands off the situation. The Universe wants to help “fix” the situation that is burdening you. The Universe sees that you are struggling with this situation and wants to step in now. By releasing your worries or burdens, you are then surrendering this to the Universe! You are allowing the Universe to take over and control the outcome of the situation.

What happens when you Release and Surrender the situation to the Universe?

  1. One releases the worries, burdens, fears etc. and starts to focus ones energy on other things. This helps to de-stress and start living a more positive life.
  2. By allowing the Universe to control the situation, you are then trusting or having faith in the Universe.
  3. The outcome of the situation may be resolved quicker and better than you have envisioned!

After the situation has finally resolved, see what the Universe provided that you could not have done by yourself. Usually the answer is very clear, however, one could not see it because one was in the thick of the situation. Also, you may come to appreciate the situation as another “learning lesson” on your journey in life!

Do you have tips on how to Release and Surrender? Please share with us in the comments!