Observing and Not Absorbing Energy

When I work with clients I can pick up energies as I am Clairsentient, which means I can feel other people’s emotions and vibrations. For me, I am blessed to be able to feel the energy however there is a downside to this if you are not aware. When I give readings or healing, I literally can feel pains in my body with what happened to a person that passed.  I also can feel pains from a person when I’m giving healing such as Reiki or SRT.  The pains that I am feeling do go away, however I make sure that I am only “observing” this energy. What this means is that I just need to know what happened or is happening in a person’s body. I don’t want to “absorb” this energy into my body and not take this pain on. This is important because “absorbing” is sucking in this yucky energy and you now have it! To protect against absorbing this energy I set up a boundary of protection. I ask Archangel Michael to shield me and protect me from absorbing the energy and only observing the energy. This shield is a boundary and helps me to not become sick, drained, or exhausted.

The question I get is what happens if I have been absorbing the energy? If this is the case, you need to make sure you are spiritually cleansing yourself to remove the energies that you did take on. By cleaning yourself you are removing old energies and helps your energy to become raised. If you are Clairsentient, take the time now and set the boundaries up so you only observing the energy and not absorbing the energy! You will be glad you did!

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Terri is a lifelong learner of the metaphysical arts and has earned certificates from Centre of Excellence for Life Coaching, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Numerology. The Psychic Senses and The Voice of Spirit in Evidential Mediumship. As well as, the Morris Pratt Institute that include Mediumship, Healing, and Ministry. In addition, she is an Ordained Minister. She continues to grow and develop her intuition, as well as, her clairaudient, clairsentient, and automatic writing skills. Terri enjoys sharing what she has learned with others, so they too, can forge their own spiritual path.

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