I have many clients feel stuck and they ask me “What is My Life Purpose?” What does this mean? Many people have a feeling that there is more to life than us doing the mundane things.  Something that we need to accomplish or have a “purpose” of why we are here on Earth. Some people are able to decipher this early in life and know they are going to be a teacher, doctor or Olympic swimmer. While other people feel “stuck” and don’t feel they know the path that is best for them. Think of it this way, your “Life Purpose” is the “pursuit of happiness.” If you think from this perspective then you might be able to discern what you might want to “pursue” in your life. What makes you happy? What makes you tick? If you could do anything, what would that be? Those are the questions you need to ask your inner self of where you should go. So it sounds pretty simple correct? Well it sometimes is not that easy for people as they might be very multi-oriented and am not sure which path is correct. When this happens I tell clients that you can have “multiple” purposes you can do in your life. So many you are a great counselor but also like to teach and write. Don’t think of just doing 1 of these things, open your mind and choose to do all of them if you want! You can be an author but you also are a teacher who is a counselor. There are NO set rules to your life purpose, it is what YOU want! Once you have deciphered the desires of what you want to do or your “life purpose” go out and make it happen. It is the desire and the dreams that propel us forward to accomplish them. Remember it is your thoughts you put out to the universe.