I have blogged about trying to control things in my release and surrender blog. However, I wanted to follow that up with some more information to let go and surrender! I am a person that likes to control things. What I mean by this is that, I don’t want things to fall through the cracks. I am a “get it done” type, and if its on my plate I need to clear it and get it off. However, what I have learned is that I need to start working on the approach of “let it simmer.” What I mean by this is, that if I let things go for a few hours or a day or too, many times the Universe will fix the situation for me! I have learned to start to ask more to have them assist me with the situation at hand. When I do this and use the approach of “let it simmer,” the situation turns out much better than what I could have done myself! Not to mention, I am not taking time to work on it and not getting myself in a tizzy, trying to figure out all the ways to fix it. This has been such a blessing for me, as it has taught me to TRUST! If I trust that the Universe is going to help me, then the Universe will help! I like to say that I am taking my hands off the wheel and allowing them to drive that bus! I realize that the road is smooth and not the bumpy one that I was driving on! So, the next time you are trying to control a situation, ask the Universe for assistance and then let it simmer! Trust that the situation will be resolved in the best possible way from the Universe. You might be amazed on how easy and quickly that it was resolved!