Have you had times when you knew you should have done something and you didn’t do it and it turned out that you should have? Maybe you knew you should not have investing in something and you had that feeling of it being bad and it actually turned out bad? What I am speaking about is “Trusting Self.” Sometimes people call this a 6th sense or maybe a gut feeling, however it is an ability and called “claircognizant.” You can read about this ability in my blog “The 6 different Clairs.” Claircognizant people are very good at “feeling” within their body. They are able to discern if it “feels right” or a “yes” or it “feels bad” which a “no.” Think of this as a compass as it will not steer you wrong! Claircognizant people are usually good at directions too, like they just know which way to go.

Why is it Important to Trust Self?

When you start to listen to that inner guidance you are actually being guided on the correct path. This is an intrinsic feeling where the Universe guides you to help you make the decision that would be the best for you. Many times our “Ego” takes over and we negate how we were truly feeling and this clouds us of what the best decision is. When we trust our self we are trusting in the Universe.

How to Use Your Inner Compass to Trust Self

Here is a quick way to start to listen to your inner guidance. You will be asking yourself questions you know the answers to but I want you to “FEEL” how they are in your body. To demonstrate, “I like to eat steak” or “I like to eat kidney beans.” Maybe you want to ask “Eating chocolate cookies make me happy” or “My favorite food is spaghetti.” When you asking these questions did you get a “yes” feeling? Maybe it was a “no” feeling or it could have been a “so so” feeling. Once you start to listen to the “compass” or “feeling” in your body you will be able to discern things by feeling that response of it too! Lastly, when we start to trust our self and listen to that inner wisdom, you know you are on the right path. It is when we negate those feelings that many times we want to kick ourselves for not listening to it. Trusting self is just believing in your inner feelings which the correct answer. Remember the Universe always gives us the answers, it is for us to decipher and listen for us to receive them!