We all have different challenges that we must face in our lives. However, when a situation, person or problem continues to “pop up” in your life, realize that this is one of your lessons! When these lessons appear, its time to heal, change or balance this in your life. So, how do we go about passing these lessons? Well, it is a work in progress for some to say the least! Nevertheless, these challenging lessons help us grow! Without having change, nothing can change! Really think about that sentence, “without having change, nothing can change.” Change helps us to continue to grow and learn new things. When we start to change our perspective then we can start the steps of learning the lessons! So, here are some steps to pass your lesson!

  1. Change your Mindset!– Think differently about the situation, person or problem. Instead of being frustrated on why its hindering you, ask “what is this lesson teaching me?”
  2. Accept the Lesson– When you can adapt and accept this lesson you are starting to heal from it!
  3. Give Gratitude for the Lesson– Ask yourself, “what is one thing I am grateful for about this lesson?” Giving gratitude for the lesson brings love to it to help heal it.
  4. Change Your Stance– If this lesson keeps coming up, review what you have done in the past and change the way you handle it currently. You can’t do the same thing as before because you did not pass it, something else needs to happen to pass the lesson.
  5. Be in the Moment– Be present in the moment with the lesson. Sometimes our lessons take us back to childhood and the root of the problem. See where you are today with it and be in the moment with it. Ask yourself, “what is it teaching me today?” Then revisit old experiences and see what it has taught you in the past.
  6. Take Responsibility!- Stop blaming others or things for YOUR part in the lesson. What did you do or did not do that this lesson is showing up?
  7. Believe that the Lesson Can be Passed– Many times our lessons are painful or hard and we feel that it cannot be fixed but know all lessons can be passed if YOU choose to heal them.