Everyone has gone through some type of breakup in a relationship and it has caused a broken heart. Getting through the process is very difficult and many times we just try and forget what has happened and one “sweeps the issues under the rug” so to speak. The problem with this is that we don’t deal with these issues; they begin to be stuffed down within our bodies. I like to call these issues “remnants.” The remnants are underlying problems of the past and we seal them up when we “armor” our heart up after a breakup. We “armor” our hearts so that we can’t be hurt again. This is a normal defense mechanism. Once we do this we try everything in our power to not think about the breakup, issues, or anything at hand and we just try and move on! After this happens and when some time has passed, the person wonders “why” they haven’t been able to meet anyone else. The reason for this is that the “remnants” were not dealt with and the “lesson” of the breakup did not occur. In order to move on from the past relationship one needs to see the “lessons” and work through them and understand from them.

How do you work through the remnants and lessons 

  1. What Where the Lessons? Go back and think about the issues that you swept under the rug, what lessons where you to learn? Remember sometimes this is hard to do, but without the lesson there is no learning! Look at the patterns, see what you could have done differently and also see what the “blessing” of the relationship was.
  1. Love Yourself. Understand that breakups occur, however make sure that you know that you are loveable and safe to love again.
  1. Light a Green Candle. Light a green candle with the intention of healing your heart. Green is the symbol of healing and Archangel Raphael can assist you with this.
  1. Write a Letter to the Person. Write a letter to this person that you had a breakup with, don’t worry, you are not giving it to them! Write whatever comes up and don’t re-read it, it maybe 1 page or 10 pages it doesn’t matter just write what you feel! It may contain bullet points or spelt wrong, who cares, it is about releasing the remnants in the heart! If you re-read it you are regurgitating it again and you don’t want that to happen! When you are done with the letter at the bottom write,” I wish you all the best” and sign your name. Lastly burn the letter, this shows actions to the universe that you are cutting ties with this person and releasing the remnants!

Finally, when working on the steps to release the broken heart, remember its all about the understanding of the lessons. When you understand the lessons, this is the start of the healing process! Your armor of the heart will start to dissipate and the remnants will also fade and be released. Remember without pain, there is no learning!