Are you a sensitive person? Do you feel that you are affected by people’s emotions and feelings? Can you feel the tension in a room when you walk in? Do you feel that people just drain the energy out of you? If you can answer yes to these questions, more than likely you are a “highly sensitive person” or HSP. A person that is HSP is someone that is “sensitive” to emotions, sounds, lights and vibration. Being an HSP myself, I can tap into the vibrations of energy of things and people each day. Some days are better and other days are just so taxing on me and my body. There are days that I just don’t want to be physically around others or even speak to people on the phone, because I was drained the day before. I am one of the lucky ones because I understand what is happening and how to combat this. However, some people are not aware that this might be happening to them. If you are not sure if you are an HSP, look at some of these indicators below and see if some of these might resonate with you.

  1. You Take on Other People’s Emotions- HSP people can tap into the emotions of others and can “feel” this emotion in themselves. To demonstrate, you were just talking to a friend and they were crying and upset. After speaking to this person, you are not feeling down and upset too! You just took on that person’s emotions as your own
  2. You want to “Fix” People- HSP people are always wanting to heal everyone that they come across. They want to help everyone and take on “every wounded bird.”
  3. You don’t like Crowds or Close Proximity of People- HSP people don’t like to be in crowds, as they can feel everyone’s emotions and feelings. Also, HSP people do not like to be in tight spaces, next to others. An example of this would be elevators. HSP people can feel the energy of these tight spaces and it is overwhelming feeling for many.
  4. Sensitive to Noises or Lights- HSP people have issues with loud noises or bright lights. Since they are very sensitive, these things exacerbate the situation they are in.
  5. Overemotional- Many people will tell an HSP person that they are “overemotional.” This is not the case, as an HSP person is just more sensitive to energies.
  6. Like to be Alone- HSP people like to be alone so they can recharge their bodies. Being around others is very draining.
  7. Like to be around Animals- HSP people love the energy of animals. Many HSP people prefer to be around animals than humans. The reason for this is that animals don’t drain an HSP person’s energy.
  8. Caregivers/ Healers– Many HSP people tend to be caregivers, healers or just want to help others. They have this internal need to GIVE.
  9. You Love to be in Nature– HSP people tend to want to be in nature helps them to ground and be connected to Mother Earth. Also, being in nature helps them to recharge and feel alive again.
  10. Negative Images are Challenges– Many HSP people have issues listening to the news or watching the news. They can also have challenges watching movies that are violent where people or animals are being hurt.
  11. Moon Cycles– HSP people tend to be sensitive to the cycles of the moon. When there is a new or full moon many of them feel the energy shift in the environment. Some HSP people have a problem sleeping too. Also, when there are mercury retrogrades or eclipses, this is also a sensitive time for HSP people as well.
  12. Sensitive to Things– Many HSP people are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine or medication. Also, they can be sensitive to crystals or even the environment.

If you can answer YES to most of these indicators, more than likely you are an HSP person. By knowing this information, this will help you to understand how to work around different situations that you encounter. Being aware is the biggest tool that you can have for an HSP person. This will help you to understand what situations are good for you and what is not. Also, knowing you are more sensitive to others and energy, this will help you realize that it is NOT a bad thing. You are just tapping in to more vibrations around you and that is COOL!