I know many of you that have had a friend or family member who has had Covid. I have dealt with this myself for both family and friends. For some, the Covid was not that bad, while others had to be in ICU and I also experienced a passing from it. I wanted to write about this because it continues to come across my path. My uncle passed of Covid in September and now his daughter, my cousin, is on a ventilator and gravely ill. The reason I wanted to blog about it is because it is a different experience that I am encountering this month and hoping this blog can help others.

When my uncle passed, he literally went to the hospital and passed less than 12 hours later from being put on a ventilator. Now for my cousin, she has been in the hospital this entire month, she was getting better after 2 weeks and then took a turn for the worse. She was sedated (coma state) and been on a ventilator for over a week now. The doctors feel her lungs will not function again. They have told us she would pass one night and another night she would have a heart attack (none of this has happened). This has been hard news for my family. Because of this news, it has brought up a DNR (do not resuscitate) if something comes up with my cousin’s heart. Some of my family members believe she is still in there and alive, while others believe she is suffering and not here anymore (died). It is a split between the family. I know from doing this work, that our body is just a vehicle to the soul. The soul is the “driver” of the vehicle. I know my cousin’s soul is still alive and that she is just hanging out on the other side, deciding if she wants to come back into this vehicle (body). I have had conversations with her soul on the other side, to let her know that we miss her, and we want her to come back. The kicker here is I cannot make her come back, that is not my job! She is her OWN soul, and it is her decision solely. You can request that they can come back but that is all YOU can do!

I know my cousin has heard me because we have seen signs of this the last few days. This has been from text messages, where her name is mentioned and it has nothing to do with her, a message from another medium about what her daughter is saying to her, and her eyes trying to open. Again, proof she is listening, and the soul hears everything. Nevertheless, even with these signs, this has not enlightened the other family members that feel she has died. So, what do you do? This is the hard part that I am experiencing. I cannot make the other family members BELIEVE that the soul is still here and that she can come back into her vehicle (body). All I can do is keep talking to my cousin and ask the Angels and my other family members that have passed (my uncle who is her dad) to have her come back. Again, this is HER choice if she WANTS to come back. What is ironic is I just blogged about the animated movie Soul” last week! In that movie, the soul wanted to come back! I hope this is the case with my cousin. Until then I will keep doing what I need to do to advocate for my cousin and letting all family members know that she is alive. She WILL make that choice and it will be the right one for HER SOUL.