Last night I watched the animated movie called “Soul” on Disney plus. This movie recently came out and it is so Spiritual! The backdrop of the movie talks about living every moment on earth because we can be gone in an instant back to the Other Side. The movie show cases what it is like to be on the Other Side and even shows a life review! What I loved about this movie was the perspective of living every moment here on earth. Many times, we just do not want to be here and wish we can just go back “home.” It really makes your think about what life on Earth is and the meaning and joy of it all! Especially since we have been dealing with Covid and how people are leaving this Earth so quickly! So, if you have access to Disney plus, I highly recommend seeing this film as you will fell so connected to it. I know I did! It has also shown me to see life here on Earth differently! Remember to live your life to the fullest and “don’t die with your music still in you!” A wonderful quote by late spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer.