With Halloween next week, I wanted to blog about ghosts! I have blogged about the difference between “Spirits vs. Ghosts” before. Ghosts are beings that are still here on Earth and have not crossed over to the Other side. Many people see ghosts or apparitions in houses, buildings, cemeteries etc. These beings are here on Earth because they chose to not cross over for different reasons. Ghosts sometimes feel that they want to complete something that they didn’t do in life. Other times, they feel they can’t leave their loved ones. Or maybe it’s because they are in denial that they have died. There are so many reasons why they stay. Also, there are times that the ghost is trying to cross over and doesn’t know how to. They will come to someone that is clairvoyant (clear seeing), to get their attention and help. The clairvoyant can help them go to the white light and cross them over to the other side where they will then become a spirit.

I want to let people know that not all ghosts are bad or want to harm people as you might see in the movies. Many are good ghosts that just haven’t found their way to get to the white light and cross over. This was the case I experienced when I was a child. There was a lady that died in our house many years before we rented it. My sister and I would see her at night, walking around in a white flowy gown. She lived in our room in the closet area. She was a nice ghost and would close our door at night and watch over us. At that time, me and my sister were so scared, we didn’t know better. We were frightened of her and just didn’t want to go to bed or see her. Now as I look back on this experience, she was coming to us, because she knew we could see her and to try to help her cross over!

So, if you have experienced a ghost in your house, place of business or building, just know that the ghost may be trying to get your attention to help them. If you can see them, ask Archangel Michael to help the ghost in crossing them over to the other side. It is a pretty amazing experience if you can see it happening and the white light coming forward and the ghost leaving! Just remember, try not to be scared and know that you are helping a being get to the Other side!