Lately I have been feeling not motivated and just want to sit around and binge watch TV. Have you been feeling this way? We all get into this mode once and awhile, this could be due to illness, injury or just too many things going on.The question is, how do you get out of it? There are several things you can do to “jump start” you to get back on track. Here are some ways to start you to get back up and, on your path, again!

  1. Set Your Intention on 1 Goal- When you start to focus in on 1 goal, this will help you to have an idea on what you want. If you are overwhelmed with too many goals, this can lead to distraction and frustration. Many times, we give up because we are simply overloaded with too many things.
  2. Make Baby Steps- Start by just doing small steps to get your going. Even just one step helps you on your path.
  3. Bring Inspiration In- Be inspired by books, articles or blogs. This will help you to want to get started again. Reading inspirational works helps to bring Inspiration to you.
  4. Get Outside- By getting outside you are breathing in fresh air, absorbing sunlight and just being in nature helps you feel alive. Feeling and just being in this energy helps to kickstart us to be motivated.
  5. Put it on the Calendar- Make an appointment with yourself to be motivated and add it to your calendar. By adding this to your calendar it makes a commitment with yourself for an allotted time to work on being motivated. Just like any other appointment you schedule, it makes your “show up” and be ready to work.
  6. Ask the Angels- Ask Archangels Gabriel and Metatron to help you be motivated. These Angels are great to get you going and start being motivated again.
  7. Play Music- When we play music this is a higher vibrational frequency and gets you “moving” again.
  8. Ask Others for Support- Ask for support from your friends and family to help you be motivated. Ask them to help you stay on task but checking in with you or even they might want to be wanting to be motivated too. By having a support group, it becomes easier to do it with others. It also helps you to remember you are committed to be motivated too.
  9. Be Positive- Remember this is a work in progress so it is easy to get frustrated and bring negativity. Remain positive of what you are accomplishing and see the steps you have created until you get to the goal.
  10. Clean Your Chakras- Sometimes it is hard for us to motivated because our chakras are “gunked up.” When this happens, especially our sacral, solar and crown chakras, we are not wanting to create or have confidence. By cleaning them, this will help you feel like you want to work on motivation an “create.”
  11. Surround Yourself in Color- Colors are a great way to be motivated as they help our energy. Surround yourself with the color energy of gold, purple, orange and white. By seeing, wearing, or using colors (drawing or painting etc.) this activates this creative energy.
  12. Reward Yourself- Give yourself a reward when you achieve the motivation that you are desiring. This could be Ice Cream, shoes, or something else that you love. Make it fun and strive for the goal.

Finally, by taking some of these steps, this will help you start to get motivated and back on your path again. The key is just to start, and the rest is up to YOU!