I have clients ask me what crystals that they can use to increase their intuition. So here is a list of crystals that you can use to develop your intuition! Remember to make sure you clean them too, so they are all charged up and ready to work for you!

  1. Amethyst– This purple stone enhances intuition. It also brings in tranquility, grounding, and calmness.
  2. Aquamarine– This stone means “water of the sea.” The color is that of the sea too! It helps to enhance meditations and brings about relaxation and protection.
  3. Azurite– This stone is the colors of indigo. It brings about wisdom, truth, and spiritual mastery. It also helps to promote introspection.
  4. Blue Kyanite-This is stone is light blue with white in it. It works with the throat chakra bringing about expression and communication. It also releases fears and blockages.
  5. Celestite– This is a light blue stone. It helps with mental clarity and a symbol of peace and the angels.
  6. Labradorite-This stone is multi-colored, and you can see the beautiful colors in the sun. This a stone of transformation. It also helps to raise consciousness, protects the aura and grounds.
  7. Magnetite-This is a greyish black stone. It helps to bring about balancing your emotions and perspective. It also helps to trust your intuition.
  8. Malachite-This is a green stone. It helps to open your heart, bring about healing and attunes to spiritual guidance.

So, go out and get these stones to help you develop your intuition and connect into the Divine!