Lately I have been working on clearing a lot of old energy that has been stored in my body from past experiences. Some people call this spiritual healing or energy healing. The reason a person would want to have an energy healing is to remove “stuck” energy. This old energy not only blocks good things from coming to you but it also releases past pain or trauma that may be inflicted. When an Energy Healer works on moving the energy out of the body this allows for the channels to be reopened and healing to occur. If a person does not work on removing this “stuck” energy, it can create more havoc in one’s life such as, illnesses, diseases or continual negative things occurring in their lives which is residual energy. Residual energy is a cycle of a repeated lessons over and over again, think of a pattern. Once you have worked with an Energy Healer, it usually takes a few sessions to move out the old energy, then you can continue to use some symbols to help maintain an open channel. To use the symbols, protect yourself with the golden white light and just visualize the symbol below, then feel that symbol working in the body on the particular chakra(s) they coincide with. Remember your body is just energy and you are just tapping into that energy field to make the energy free flow without blocks.

Here are some symbols to use for Energy Healing.

  1. Circle-This symbols works with the chakras 1-3 and creates a balance from earth plane to the divine. This symbols represents wholeness and life energy or mother earth.
  2. Triangle– This symbol works with the chakras 4-6 and works with growing the life energy to a higher vibration. This symbol works with the divine.
  3. Star– This symbol works with the 7th chakra and it connects the earth plane and divine or pure consciousness. It allows for one to connect and focus energy from the divine to the earth plane. This symbol helps to work on major issues in one’s energy that have been hard to fix or reconnect.

Finally, when using the different energy symbols to help maintain and heal one’s body, feel the sensation of things just dissipating and feeling lighter in your body. You are able to feel the energy moving, leaving or a feeling of filling back up with energy. Try it, you might be amazed on how it will help you!