The Summer Solstice is right around the corner so I wanted to blog about it today. The Summer Solstice is always between June 20-22 of each year in the Northern Hemisphere. So, what is the Summer Solstice? The word “solstice” derives from the Latin word “solstitium.” “Sol” meaning “sun” and “stitium” meaning “stopping” which literally means stopping the sun. This day is the longest day of the year and is the beginning of summer. Many cultures have celebrated this event of the centuries.  The Ancient cultures used this solstice to organize their calendars, this was seen with Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Whereas, the Native Americans celebrate the journey or cycle of the sun and returning it to the Great Father Spirit from Mother God. They incorporate the use of elements and directions along with this too.  The East is the element of “air” and represents the “beginning.” Think of the “beginning” as the rising of the sun each day. The South is the element of “fire” and represents “energy” think of this as the sun. The West is the element of “water” and represents “endings.” Again, think of the “ending” as the setting of the sun. The North is the element of the “earth” and representing “patterns” which would be cycles. Now the New Age cultures celebrate the light of consciousness within oneself and others or the light over the darkness. Then still others, like farmers, see this as a time to reap rewards of crops. Whatever you believe, it’s a time of abundance, gratitude’s, soaking up the sun’s rays and celebration. For me, I like to celebrate the Summer Solstice by having a ceremony with a fire. I give thanks to the Universe for all that I have been given.  Here are the steps that I do for my Summer Solstice ceremony.

  1. I write down on a piece of paper everything that I have been grateful for or accomplished so far, this year. I burn this paper in the fire.
  2. I write down on another piece of paper my intentions, desires, or anything that I want to bring in or expand upon for the rest of the year. I then burn this piece of paper in the fire.

This ceremony is a time to celebrate all that I have and all that I am manifesting in, for the rest of the year. I give thanks to the Universe for all that have and going to be receiving as I know that giving gratitude’s always comes back to me. So, if you haven’t celebrated a Summer Solstice, I challenge you to start this year! Write down what you want to accomplish and see how much you manifested in at the end of the year, I can tell you that you will be surprised on how much abundance you can bring in!