We all have a friend who is negative and brings you down with their words. Other times it can be a friend that drains your energy and you don’t want to be around them or answer their calls. Or sometimes it’s a friend that tries to guilt you in to doing something that is not for your benefit but theirs. If this is the case, I want to let you know what types of negativity that you are dealing with from your friend! Knowing this information will help you to be able to guard against this so it won’t wreak havoc in your life! I also want to point out that If YOU are that negative friend, time to change your ways to bring in more positivity in your live and your friends too!

Here are the types of negative friends!

  1. Victim Mentality! This type of friend blames everyone and every situation for what is going wrong with their life! They don’t want to take any responsibility on what they have created in their life. They feel the world is against them and they are the victim!
  2. Venting Mentality! This type of friend constantly complains that they don’t have money, their job sucks, I don’t have my soulmate, their car is awful, etc.! They are always “airing out” and venting a slew of what they don’t have! It’s continuously complaining, complaining, complaining!
  3. Manipulator Mentality! This type of friend guilt’s you into constantly helping them out of situations that benefit them and not you! They may be also jealous of you or in competition with you.

If you are experiences one of these types of behavior from a friend, first know what type of behavior they are exhibiting. After you know this, ask yourself what am I going to do about this friend? Will you continue to let this friend drain you? Will you allow this friend to slime you with their negativity? For me, I will not allow this behavior and will stop it in its tracks! What I do is let the negative friend know what I’m hearing from them so they can change their thoughts and become more positive. If that doesn’t work, I will step away from the friend for a bit and not take their calls until they become more positive. I will also ask the Angels to wake the friend up to see their ways and become more positive. Lastly, if nothing works, I will have to let that friend go because I can’t change their behavior, but I can change mine! I won’t allow myself to enable that person! Remember, don’t carry other people’s baggage! You do have a choice, so choose your friends wisely!