Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s time for LOVE! No matter if you are experiencing romantic love or not, there is always something or someone to love! I want you to look at all the Love that is around you and give gratitude’s for it! This could be something so simple as loving a cup of coffee or loving the new job you received! Thank the Universe for this feeling of love that it has brought forth for you. When you thank the Universe for this feeling you will start to feel that vibration of it. Remember that love is the highest frequency of vibration that we can attain. So, work to maintain a loving frequency daily. Also, when you EXUDE LOVE you receive MORE LOVE back to you! So, check in and see what love you are bringing in. If you’re not sure, here are a few ideas on how to bring in that Love Frequency in for you today!

  1. Love from Your Pet
  2. Love Yourself
  3. Love Your Job
  4. Love Being on Earth and Nature
  5. Love from Friends and Family
  6. Love Your Angels and Guides
  7. Love Your Loved Ones who have Passed
  8. Love Physical Body & Health
  9. Love to Travel
  10. Love to Spontaneous/Adventurous