I wanted to blog about an experience using Kambo that I did with a friend of mine. Kambo is a process where you use the secretion of the green leaf monkey frog found in the amazon. The frog’s poison is put on a person’s body called “gates” which are tiny openings made on the skin. The poison travels through the body to find anything that needs to be cleansed and cleaned in the body. Things that can be cleansed could be anger, trauma, addictions, anxiety, PTSD, depression etc. The poison finds these areas and rips them out, making the person purge to release it. I was introduced to Kambo by Kim, who is one of the Chicks, as she works with the Earth elements. Kim worked with me and my friend on this process for a 2-day period. Each session is called a cleanse and it’s 3 treatments to complete this process. Each session is short about 2 hours at most and it involves drinking A LOT of water!! You don’t eat before the journey, so the purging is just water. You drink the water and Kim puts the frog medicine on the gates (the first gates were near my ankle). Once the medicine is put on the gates, you can feel the medicine rise within your body, as it travels up from your leg all the way to your head. You can feel the medicine working going in and out of different parts of your body, searching for what needs healing. During this process, Kim also is chanting or playing music and saging your aura, to release the physical, emotional and mental toxins. At some point, you feel the need to purge and you release whatever needs to go. This process of purging is only 15-30 minutes, depending on your body. What is interesting is what you purge can be different colors, which indicates what was released in the body. Mine was yellow which was releasing trauma, however my friend’s was green and she was releasing anger. Once the journey is done you start to recover within an hour and you are back to your normal self. Since I have done the process, I have reflected on it, I realized how much trauma I released from my childhood. I also became more intuitive as it deepened my mediumship skill set, as I now have a much clearer connection to the Divine. I will do another session in the future, as I see how beneficial the frog medicine is to the body and soul. I have recommended several people to see Kim to help them clear and cleanse old things from their bodies too. So, if you are looking to release anything from your body that needs to be cleansed, cleaned, or healed take a look at Kambo, contact Kim at http://kambokim.com/  it is worth the time and investment!