I wanted to blog about the words “I AM” which are the most powerful words you can use in the Universe. The reason that these words are so powerful is that you are telling the Universe and your subconscious that it is already taken care of.  So if you said “I AM the best writer” you told your mind and the Universe that you ARE the best writer and it is for the Universe to provide that in your reality.  Remember our words are so POWERFUL! I have blogged about the “Thoughts using the Laws of Attraction,” which talks about how to think clearly, so you can bring what you want into your world. By using the words “I AM” you are bringing in what you want into your reality. Positive thoughts bring in positive things, whereas negative thoughts do just the same. It is like a magnet, you attract in what your mind is thinking! However, I do want to note that this can also be a negative construct as well. Many times we use the words “I AM” with something you don’t want. To demonstrate, “I AM exhausted” well you just told the Universe and your mind that you are tired and thus you will begin to be MORE tired! Remember to think before you use the words “I AM” as you will be given what you ask for. To combat the negative thinking with the words “I AM,” think before you speak! If you are thinking you are tired, then you can change this to something from a positive angle and say “I AM full of energy right now.” This brings in what you DO want and instructs both the Universe and your mind to do the same. Finally, using the words “I Am” in a sentence brings in what you say as the Universe and your mind ARE listening. When using these powerful words, think about what you DO want so it can be fulfilled into your reality. Saying these words will bring what you want, so be crystal clear in manifesting what you want! Remember it all comes down to, what you think is what you get!