I wanted to blog about gratitude’s today because I had a wonderful gratitude moment from the Universe! This past weekend I went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday at a restaurant. We all had a great time, ate some yummy food and just enjoyed that moment. We were about to leave and I took my wallet out to give the girls some dollars for the valet. I thought I put my wallet back in my purse but actually what happened was it fell out between some cushions in the booth (I didn’t know this at the time). We left this restaurant and went to another to enjoy some cheesecake, carrot cake and a Godiva sundae! (Anyone that knows me on a personal level is aware of how much I love desserts). Anyways, we celebrated there and left for the night. I woke up the next day and got ready and left to do my readings for the day. I stopped by the gas station and went to grab my wallet to pay, that’s when I noticed it missing! Sure panic and shock came across my mind. Where did I leave it? When did I use my credit cards last? When was the last time I saw it? As these questions and more flooded in I had to just trust that the Universe had my back and that it would be OK. I called the 2 restaurants we were at and I was able to speak to one of them however they didn’t find a wallet. UGH! The other restaurant was very busy and said they would check when they had a moment. There was nothing I could do but wait. In the meantime I had to get ready for my readings! I was thinking to myself, how can I focus on my readings during this crisis? I knew I didn’t have a choice but started to prepare myself and became focused on them. Well wouldn’t you know it right before my readings started, the other restaurant called and they HAD my wallet! Someone had turned it in! YAY! Thank you Universe! I was so happy to hear this news! Since I was giving readings a friend of mine went to pick up the wallet for me. When I looked in the wallet EVERYTHING was intact, nothing was missing, not even my cash! The Universe provided me a wonderful moment of gratitude for this person that was honest! I asked the Universe to provide the person that found my wallet much financial abundance for turning it in and being honest! What I also wanted to share is that I actually manifested losing my wallet! I didn’t do it purposefully but here is how it transpired! In the past month I had 2 friends that misplaced and lost their wallets too. When I found out the wallets were missing and they were looking for them, what I actually did was pick up on this fear! I absorbed this fearful vibration of losing my wallet! Yes, that’s right; I manifesting this negative thought in my world because of what happened to my friends wallets! I always say to clients, what you think is what you get! So this was a lesson and reminder from the Universe to me, telling me to change my thought process on fearful things! It was also a lesson to trust the Universe! By always putting out positive, trusting, honest and loving energy it comes back to you 10 fold! So with that said, Thank You Universe and the person that turned in my wallet! Not only did I receive some wonderful lessons but also the pure joy of gratitude as well!