With the holidays in full swing I wanted to blog about giving gratuities. “Gratitude’s” are giving thanks for the blessings that have occurred within our lives. Many times people only think of giving “Gratitude’s” during the holidays, however it should be a daily expression.

What purpose does giving Daily Gratuities do for you?
Living with gratitude’s on a daily basis not only enlightens your life but also others. By focusing on the blessings of what you have, this will in turn ALWAYS end up giving you MORE in your life! It’s like a cycle that never ends. The more we are thankful for things, the more we exude happiness. Then the more we have happiness, the more we are able to reach out and touch others with happiness and so on! It’s like a “pay it forward” type of action!

Thoughts on giving Daily Gratitude’s
In order to receive the benefits of gratitude’s one needs to focus deep down in your soul. What are your true blessings? Think of being thankful for a place to live, food and friends. How about being able to breathe fresh air, seeing your children grow or just being happy where you are today. Many times people think by just saying “thanks” or a quick thought of thanks when something bad happens, that leads to “paying it forward.” However they lack the true reason on how gratitude’s work. Gratitude’s are using a higher vibration of energy that we put into our thoughts. By knowing ALL that we are blessed with it, this then “transforms” our entire being. We are using energy that creates happiness and love in our world. When a person decides to make gratitude’s a daily occurrence, a “shift of thought” will occur in their life. This “shift of thought” will lead to more blessings in one’s life. Again it’s a cycle, the more you give thanks for, the more you receive! It’s just that simple, try it and you will be amazed!

Lastly, as we go through the holidays and into next year, what are you thankful for? By looking at the true blessings in our daily lives opens a whole new thought process. This enlightenment then expands your world but will also expand others on your path too! What are you Thankful for?