I want to blog about being fueled by Gratitude’s! When you give thanks to the Universe it automatically raises your vibration to a higher frequency. When you are at is frequency, more positive things are attracted into you! In order to be fueled by gratitude, here is what I do! I start my day off with giving thanks to the Universe for 3 things each morning when I wake up! It can be as small as, I’m grateful for the sun today, or the cup of coffee that I’m drinking, or maybe I am grateful for just being alive today! Then at night before I go to bed, I give thanks to the Universe for 3 more things that I was grateful for during the day! When you start your day off with gratitude, you keep your frequency at a high level. When you go to bed you are still at that high-level frequency and you will wake up with that same frequency!  So, fuel your life with gratitude’s and change your frequency! You will be surprised how it can make a difference in your life!