Are you not working on something because you have the fear of rejection? Do you want to play it safe and not take a chance because of this? If so, its time to start to think differently, so that you can get past the fear of rejection. What is rejection? Rejections is “the dismissal or refusal of a proposal, idea or affection.” Rejection of any type is hard and puts a bad taste in your mouth. It is the feeling that it brings, that is the hardest. When you “feel” that you are going to be rejected, its like you want to hide underneath your blanket and not come out! I can understand this completely! However, just because this might have happened in one scenario, does not mean it will happen in the next scenario. Knowing this is the key! It is like the motto, ‘try, try and try again.” This new thought process will help you want to try the new scenario.

To demonstrate, you turned in a proposal for a new idea at work and it was turned down and rejected.  Then you worked on the idea you submitted and made some changes to the proposal and resubmitted it again and it was approved! This simple example shows that even though it didn’t work out the first time, it doesn’t mean it won’t the second time!

Now I know our logical minds are prone to the “fight or flight” status. We have that safety mechanism built inside, to protect us from danger which in this case is “rejection.” Many times, we don’t want to try something again because of what happened the first time. I get this, however, sometimes the rejection of the first time, helps us to be stronger and teaches us a lesson to try again. In some scenarios, the 2 or 3rd time is better than the first attempt! If this is the case, then TRY it again! I say “RISK” the fear of rejection, it only can get better than the first time. So, if you have been holding back on doing something because of the fear of rejection, give it a shot! You never know, as you can prove to yourself that you CAN do it!