Has there been a time that you trying to accomplish something and nothing seems to go your way to get it done? Or maybe you have been putting so much effort into a situation and it just seems like you are turning your wheels? When this happens, it is time to look at the situation and ask “why?” Sometimes the Universe puts a “roadblock” on our path for us to “detour” to another direction that IS the right path. Think of this like a safety net. The Universe is protecting you from falling and they are catching you in mid-air. When this happens, look at this as a blessing and not a deterrent. Remember, the Universe knows what is best for us and can see the road ahead, we can’t! To demonstrate, I was laid off at my day job 4 different times. Yes 4!!! What was happening was that the Universe was wanting me to take the “leap of faith” and work on my business giving readings and helping people. They wanted me to change the direction and path I was on. However, I wasn’t seeing it that way! I kept spinning my wheels repeatedly, which ended up with 3 different times I was laid off. Finally, on the 4th layoff, I took that leap of faith and went down this direction of doing my business Full-time. Since then, I can see how much I love being of service to others, and I now know that this is the “right” path for me! So, the next time you are encountering a “roadblock” on your path, look and find out why. When you start to really look at the reasons why, this will help you to uncover what path you are really supposed to use now. Just remember, the Universe doesn’t get it wrong! Trust and believe, as the Universe can see what is up ahead on that road for you and know they have your back!