This year has made us look at things with different eyes. Change became inevitable because of the pandemic. Everyone had to relook, rethink and redo how we lived life. It was a huge transformation for the world on this new way of life. Just like the changing of the color of leaves in fall, we had to change our colors too. Many people had a very tough time with this, and it really showed peoples colors!!! Nevertheless, no matter if we wanted to change or not, it was NOT a choice. We all had to make changes for us to survive. If you can look back to the beginning of this change in March, how did you perceive the change? Was it very hard to do? Now look at where you are today. You have evolved with the changes that occurred. To demonstrate, we had to wear face masks for protection. Many people were irate and showed what their colors were then, however today wearing a mask seems like the norm! (I still have a hard time breathing out of them and have a new respect for doctors and nurses!) So, ask yourself, have I been able to change my colors easily with this pandemic? If not, take note and ask yourself why. Just like the changing of the leaves, we all need to transform and grow. The tree never dies, the leaves just changes colors and fall out for new ones to grow back in spring. Now, look at yourself and see what leaves in your life need to change, so you can shed and regrow new ones for spring.