I have blogged about “How to Call in a Soulmate” but I wanted to add some other pieces of action that can help to bring this soulmate in too! As I said before, it is the Universe’s job to find this Soulmate for you, as long as, you do the work from that blog. Below are some other things that can assist in this process.

1. Ask Archangel Chamuel to Assist! -Start talking to Archangel Chamuel regarding this soulmate coming in, as he is the Archangel for Love. Tell him that you are so grateful that he is taking care of this situation and that you cannot wait to meet this person!

2. Think About What You Have to Offer this Person! Take the time and figuring out what you can offer this person, instead of what you are WANTING in that person! Think about all the wonderful strengths you have and how you can incorporate them in this relationship.

3. Visualize/Think about your Future with this Person! Visualize, imagine or just put the intention into thinking, what your future will be like with this person. Do you see yourself in a house, kids, traveling, where you are living, cooking dinner, enjoying sunsets etc. Whatever that may be, think about it as this is a part of manifesting this person in! You can also make a vision board and put things on a piece of paper to do this too!

4. Make Space for this Person! If you don’t have enough space in your home for another person, how can that person come and stay? Start to clean the clutter in your house, clean out an empty drawer for this person stuff. Make room in your closet for this person’s clothes. Sleep on one side of the bed making room for another person. You need to make space and clear the energy to bring this new person in!

5. Being Attractive! If you are not feeling attractive and putting that energy out to the Universe, how are you going to bring in an attractive person in to you! So, get dolled up, be at your best and show yourself off, so you can pull in this same energy to you!

Lastly, by doing some of these actions above, this can help in assist the Universe on bringing this Soulmate in closer to you. It is the Universe’s job to find this person but extra action on your part, can move the energy quicker to assist too. Remember to stay positive and trust that the Universe is working on bringing in this person. Do your work and the Universe will do their part to assist you in this process!