When we go through life problems, many times we forget to ask for help. Sometimes it is because we don’t want others to know. Other times it is because we don’t want to burden loved ones or family members. Maybe it could be that you just forgot to ask, as you have been so bogged down with the problem.  No matter what it might be, you are not alone! Asking for help is a good thing, when you need an extra boost. I always tell clients to ask for help on Earth plane, from your friends and family, as well as, asking from help from the Spiritual plane too! Ask you loved ones that passed, angels, Archangels, guides, Mother Mary, God, Source, anyone on the other side! I call it my “Spiritual Counsel,” which refers to anyone on the other side that can assist me with what I have going on with my present circumstance. I say ASK, ASK, ASK! You cannot ask too much, it’s the too little is what hurts us! Remember, the Spiritual plane cannot step in on your behalf unless you ASK! Many times, clients tell me that they feel that their problem is not as big as other peoples and they don’t want to burden the Spiritual side with their issues! What?? HUH???? NOOOOO! I need you to think differently about this. The Spiritual side is ALWAYS here to assist, if we ask. I want to note, they cannot do the work for you, as you need to put hard work into this as well. However, they can assist you through the process and make it easier! So, the next time you are having some difficulties, ask for help from the Spiritual side too! You will be amazed at how they can assist and the results that can be attained.