Today I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my friends, family, clients, and students. These past few months have been such a roller coaster with my health, however with the love and support of all of you, I know that I will conquer this! I have been continually brought to tears with your prayers, healing, positive thoughts, kindness, and donations that it has been overwhelming in a good way! Sometimes life gives us hard challenges to face but knowing you have the support of people right behind you, cheering you on, makes it 10 times easier. I always say you meet people in your life for a reason. Sometimes these people leave which is okay because it was for the moment. However, the ones that stay are true friends. Sometimes we do not see each other because of time, distance, or life, but the friendship remains. So, I wanted to say Thank You, for being that true friend! Thank You for having my back and lifting me up! Thank you for reaching out with your love and support. Thank you for being part of my tribe and community because I could not do it without you. It is when we have the support of others, to lift us up out of the darkness, showing us the way is the true blessing. I feel so blessed and grateful that I have so many people riding this ride with me. Thanks for holding me up and I WILL knock this Cancer Out!