There are so many different crystals that we can work with. I wanted to blog about different crystals that can work with different Astrological signs. Each sign has different attributes, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses etc. that we each carry with us for this particular sign. When we look at a sign with a particular crystal that works well with the sign, then this can assist in the energy of that crystal helping the individual benefit more.  With that being said, I am going to highlight a few crystals that will work great for this sign.  If your sign is a Taurus, April 20-May 20, here are some crystals that will benefit you!

Crystals for the sign of Taurus

  1. Tourmaline- There are so many different colors of tourmaline. My favorite is black tourmaline for protection. However, there is pink and green tourmaline that are wonderful too! This stone also helps to bring in dominance and aids with finances for this sign.
  2. Tigers Eye- I love tigers eye because it helps to release fear, anxiety and bring about balance. For Taurus’s this stone also helps to aid in being practical, strong willed and having ambition.
  3. Rose Quartz- This stone is a must for any sign, as this is a loving and gentle stone to bring in love and heal one’s heart. As for the Taurus sign and this stone, it also helps to be dependable and aids as a “helpful friend.”
  4. Emerald- This stone has so many attributes such as, helps to reveal truth, memory, calming, self-esteem and bringing in passion. For Taurus’s this stone helps to be generous, loyal and warm hearted.
  5. Lapis Lazuli- This stone is not only beautiful in color but brings forth many wonderful things if you use it. These attributes include, power, royalty, truth, honor, wisdom, power and vision. For this sign of Taurus, this stone also aids in being confident and down to earth.
  6. Topaz- This stone can come in many different colors. The yellow variety is very popular. For Taurus’s this stone helps to aid in being trustworthy and creative artistically.