Have you been told that you need to work on your “Inner Child?” What does this terminology mean? Inner childhood work is looking at your inner self or the childlike person with in you. Many times this type of work has to be performed because an individual had some sort of childhood trauma, abandonment, had to grow up too fast or negative words were constantly spoken to them.  The reason an individual will want to do work on these issues is that patterns and beliefs were created in childhood that can be problematic in our adult lives.  I have been doing extensive work on nurturing and healing the “inner child” within myself.  After many years of childhood abuse and abandonment this created unhealthy things in my inner world (how I think and view things). As children we don’t know how to cope with major issues as their thinking is childlike. The way a child handles things is by either hiding (think hide and go seek), not having a voice/respectful (not speaking their truth) or acting out with behavior (either becoming angry/ numb or pretending it is not there).  These patterns were created as a “shield” to help protect the child to be able to cope with the situation or environment that they are in. This work is very profound and can help release patterns of old beliefs, dysfunctional relationships, codependency, addictions, communication or emotional issues.

Triggers of the Inner Child

As we become adults, this inner childhood beliefs/patterns start to show up in our lives as “triggers.” A trigger is an experience that reminds the individual of their childhood. This could come from something heard, environments, words, smells, fear etc. basically it is something that makes that individuals mind go back to the childhood and re- live that experience. Think of this as a recording in your mind and you are replaying it over again. These triggers will continue to happen and until the individual goes back and starts to work on healing these “old wounds” that were created. By healing these triggers this allows the individual to start to align themselves with who they really are and understanding what new patterns and beliefs that they want to create. This work also teaches them to learn to trust oneself which leads to empowering self. By understanding this new way of thinking and patterns being created, this then allows for them now to have their power and not give that away.

How to Work on Healing the Inner Child

Working on inner childhood wounds takes a lot of time and patience. This work could cover decades of patterns/beliefs that were created. However, no matter how long this work covers you can help heal these wounds with a lot of perseverance and love.

  1. Wanting to Make Changes. The first key to start the healing process is wanting to make the change. By accepting what was created in our childhood, this then allows for the energy to start to move in that direction.
  2. Forgiving and Not Judging. When we forgive the people or yourself that created the inner childhood work, this allows for the energy to move. I came from child abuse so I want to be very clear here, this is not about condoning anyone’s behavior it is about releasing that old energy/wounds that are stuck. Letting go of the past and knowing that this is a different place and time. You are an adult now and you now do have your power to make this change!
  3. Listening and Accepting the Triggers. The triggers are coming because your body is telling you that things need to be healed. Listen, feel, look and accept the triggers. By acknowledging them we are changing the energy. By working through them, understanding them and changing the way we now deal with them this allows them to heal.
  4. Lessons and Blessings. When you look at the inner childhood work that needs to be done, what did you learn from this? What was the blessing of this? For me the lesson was to forgive my parents. However the bigger lesson was for me to not to allow fear, abandonment to take over. Knowing now that I DO have my own power to change these things. The blessing was that my parents taught me what not to do and I became the person who I am!
  5. Work with a Therapist. If you need to talk to a therapist of what happened to you as a child do so! By speaking about what happened, this actually helps us to heal these wounds.
  6. Work with a Hypnotherapist. Sometimes the inner childhood work is so deep that the individual is not sure what happened. Working with a hypnotherapist can help to uncover what happened during childhood and bring them to surface so those wounds can be healed.
  7. Work with Archangel Haniel and Archangel Gabriel. Ask Archangels Haniel and Gabriel to work with you to help heal the inner child within you. Ask them to help heal these patterns and beliefs that were created in childhood.
  8. Soul Retrieval. Much deeper work is soul retrieval where either you or another person can go back into your childhood and see what pieces of energy (pieces of you) that were lost during this time. The pieces of energy are usually hidden within your body because it was a way of protection for the child. The best way to think of this is whatever pattern/believe/situation happened at that time, this piece of energy is now stored within you to help you cope so the child is no re-living it daily. If these hiding pieces are not addressed they can become toxic in our bodies and can lead to health issues.

Finally, by working on the inner child and listening to the triggers within, this helps to release old patterns/beliefs and the wounds begin to heal. By healing these wounds, this allows the individual to start to regain power and know that these old patterns are not healthy for them anymore. Sometimes it is hard to look back at the past, however by doing this work, it actually frees you so you can look to the future!