Many times in our lives we go through trials and tribulations as we move forward on our journey. Sometimes these situations leave us with the feeling of disappointment, frustration or possibly even anger. The thoughts of “Why did this happen to me” or “How can I move forward after this has happened to me?” Often times than not, many of these types of situations involve another person that has contributed to the pain, worry, sorry or anger. When this happens we are faced with dealing with the aftermath but also trying to “forgive and not judge” this person. I tell clients that we need to look at this from a different angle. What is the lesson and what is the blessing your learned? Sometimes this is hard to do and I understand this. For me, I came from child abuse so I can understand how difficult it CAN be. However, the lesson for me was to forgive my parents. The blessing for me was my parents taught me what NOT to do and I became the person that I am today. By looking from the situation from a different angle, I was able to release myself from this situation! Another reason to look at what the lesson and the blessings is sometimes we put ourselves in a “cage.” We become trapped in the situation and feel oppressed, while being surrounded with someone else’s stuff that put you in the cage! I tell clients, we always have a “CHOICE” and we can choose freedom! Let yourself out of the cage by looking at the situation from the lesson and blessing scenario! Sometimes all we need to do is just think a bit differently about the situation and it makes it easier to let it go! So the next time you are caught up in a situation that you need to forgive or are feeling trapped, try using the lesson and blessing technique! What did you learn from this this situation and what was the blessing you gained from it too? By asking these questions, you can gain insight on how it affected you and how easy it is to let go!