We all have Guides that assist us in our daily lives each day, however are you aware of them? Do you know which Guides are connecting with you at a particular moment? You can read about the different Guides in my blog called “The 6 Different Guides.”   Once you decipher which Guides you are working with and are able to discern their patterns or behaviors than you are then able to connect with them. Here are a few ways that you can connect with your Guides.

  1. Start By Understanding Which Guides Resonate With You! What Guides are you attracted to or want to know more about? If it is Archangels than immerse yourself in books, articles or meditations by bringing these Guides in to work more with them. Start to know what each Archangels specialties in and work with them in those areas.
  1. Work With the Guides You Resonate With. Since you have familiarized yourself with these Guides, now start to ask them to direct you with their expertise! So if the Archangels were the Guides that resonated with you ask Raphael to assist you in helping to heal you. Maybe you need Gabriel to help assist you and a loved one in communicating better in your relationship. Whatever Guides you choose, ASK them for assistance in helping you in this particular area that they work with.
  1. Ask Your Guide for Sign That They are Working with You! Ask your Guide to show you a sign that they are working with you! It could be as small as a feather or maybe it is a number. Whatever the sign is ASK and be specific! The more specific the sign then the more likely you will notice that they are sending this to you!

Remember that everyone can connect with their Guides, it is just understanding which Guides you are working with. The more you connect and work with a particular Group of Guides the more you will start to understand who is working with you and why. So try it and see! You will never know until you do!