Have you ever had someone tell you “everything happens when the timing is right?” What they were talking about is “divine timing.” Divine timing is when the Universe allows for something or someone to come in or out of your life. We get so caught up in trying to make things happen when we want it to happen, that we forget that the Universe knows when the “best” time is for us. Sometimes we actually hinder this process by “trying to make it happen” that it actually can create a worse situation for the Universe to fix!  Sometimes I tell clients to “take their hands off the situation” or “release and surrender,” so that the Universe can take over and allow for it to unfold naturally, in “divine time.”

How Long Does Divine Timing Take?

What is interesting about divine timing is that there really is “no” time involved! Huh? What I mean by this is that the Universe doesn’t use time or a calendar! Time is irrelevant as we use it here on Earth! To demonstrate, what may take a calendar year for us could be a “blink of an eye” for the Universe! So think of it this way, the Universe has everything at its disposal so it can be done that quickly! However the bigger question that needs to be proposed would be Is this right for me at this time?You might be thinking well of course it is otherwise I wouldn’t be asking for it in the first place! But are you really sure? Sometimes things are delayed for us because the Universe has a bigger plan for us than what we had envisioned. Other times it might be because you need to learn from that experience and “grow” from that lesson. Or it could be that some things in situations involve many people so the Universe has to “weave a tapestry” to fulfill your request. To demonstrate, you might want a specific job at a company but that job still is filled by an individual. The Universe has to determine if that other person wants to move on to a new job and where, in order for it to be opened up for you! So there are several factors that can contribute to the divine timing as I pointed out!

Allowing for Divine Timing

When we allow for divine timing we are trusting that the Universe knows what is in our best interest at all times! By having the belief and faith that a situation will change, this will ultimately lead you to the best situation or opportunity for you! Remember the Universe doesn’t get it wrong as it can see the bigger picture of what is ahead on our journey! Lastly, the next time you are trying to make something happen at a certain time, release it and allow for the Universe to step in! Not only will this help you to take your hands off of it but it will allow for the Universe’s divine timing to emerge with blessings for all!