What is a Soul Group? A soul group are people that you know from the other side. The people in your soul group would be like your family here are on Earth. These souls are people that you are with for many lifetimes ago. You meet up with these souls, here on Earth, to learn lessons with them. They can be your parents, lovers, siblings, friends, co-workers etc. You recognize these people easily and have an instant knowing or feeling with them. You just want to bond and be around them! These people feel safe to you and you have that instant connection with them. When you meet these people, they are here to nurture, love, guide and support you on your path here on Earth. They also help you grow spiritually! Many times, you meet up with these people and you might be going through the same lessons at the same time! It’s like the Universe sent them at that very moment to help you through this lesson! This is not a coincidence but a synchronicity, as you were to meet up with them to help each other out to learn the lesson! Meeting up with people from you soul group is such a wonderful experience because you feel the energy of their vibration. Sometimes you can even look in their eyes and you can see into their soul! Again, it is the feeling that you “know” them, which of course you do! When you meet a person from your soul group, it might be for a moment, a season, or a lifetime. Just know it is a blessing and that you have someone from the other side watching out for you during this period of time you share!