Have you been struggling and nothing seems to be going right? Has your vibration been low and you are not yourself? Are you just turning your wheels as it seems like it is always the same thing and you cannot get out of this cycle? If this is sounds familiar, then try something NEW!! What I mean by this is that the Universe continues to teach us lessons. When the same lesson keeps coming back around, then it means that you have NOT learned the lesson. The Universe is having you repeat the lesson for you to learn it! This has happened to me repeatedly. I was at a job for many years. Within this job, there were mergers, takeovers, bankruptcies, you name it! I was laid off at this job 4 times! YES 4 times! The Universe was trying to tell me that it was time for me to look at doing something different. I loved this job as I was very creative and I was good at it. The problem was that it created such an imbalance in my work versus home life. This was part of the lesson that I needed to learn from the Universe. (The other part was that I was supposed to open this business as this is my life purpose.) During the years that this happened, this created so much stress, worry, doubt and fear about losing my job! As you can see, I didn’t learn the lesson, so the Universe kept creating new scenarios to help me figure out the lesson. I finally understood the lesson when I had to take another job with a different company. At that job, I FINALLY saw the imbalance I had created. The reason I saw it, well it was because I DIDN’T like that job it was so easy to see! UGH! It was such a chore to get up and go to this place to work! Once I figured this out and fixed the imbalance, I told the Universe I wanted to go back to my old job and I would make sure I would be balanced. This exact scenario did happen, where the Universe gave me back my old job for about a year and half. I made sure I was balanced as I was NOT going to learn that lesson again! So, if you have been struggling with the same issue or situation, look at what you need to learn! If you can work on trying something new, you can then work on learning the lesson!