I was listening to a podcast by Jay Shetty and he talked about the 3 things that we strive for in life. I thought that this was very poignant, and I wanted to blog about it. The 3 things we strive for are health, wealth and time. For most people we can achieve 1 or possibly 2 of them but it’s hard to get the third one. As children, we have our health and lots of time on our hands, but the wealth depends on your parents. In your 20-30’s you are very active and have health along with plenty of time to do things! You feel that I’ll get to that later as you want to enjoy your life and be spontaneous! However, wealth still eludes you. In your 40-50’s you have wealth now and your health is so-so! You are not taking the best care of yourself. Eating fast food, drinking coffee, not enough sleep is startling to wreak havoc on your life! You don’t have the time to do everything that needs to be done! In your 60-70’s you have obtained your wealth because you have works for decades! Retirement is now here, and you have the time to do what you want! However, your health is not good because you didn’t take care of your body! In your 80-90’s you have all the time in the world and the money, but your health keeps you from enjoying life now! So, if this scenario is you, what will you do to make the changes in your life to achieve all 3 of these things? Remember the choice is yours, start to enjoy life and live it to its fullest with all 3 things!