Many people have heard of “soulmates” and I have blogged about this several times too. However, many have not heard of the term “twin flame” relationship. What is a twin flame relationship? When you encounter someone that is your twin flame, this is usually an up or down type of relationship. A twin flame can be a lover, parent, sibling or even a friend. However, when the relationship is a lover or parent this tends to be very difficult, as you may have a hard time walking away from this person. You will have a tug of war, so to speak, as it keeps pulling you back in. A twin flame “reflects” who you are, so just like a twin, you are a “mirror” of this person. These relationships can be very good and then in a split second, flip and can be really hard. When meeting a twin flame you immediately have an instant bond, or you feel like you have known them, again think “twin.” You tend to worry about this person, and feel you can’t walk away. Many times, if it’s a twin flame of a lover, you feel like you are “destined” to be with this person, but it never seems to work out. Issues emerge like its the wrong timing, you keep reconciling with this person, that up and down relationship, or they just are emotional draining as the relationship is so intense. This is because it IS a TWIN FLAME relationship. However, these relationships bring about much learning. When going through a twin flame relationship, “change” is the biggest thing that one will learn, as you are opening up to new things that the other person is showing you. So, if you are dealing with a twin flame relationship, ask yourself “what am I learning from this relationship?” When you can understand what the lesson(s) is, this might help you to be able to break away from this person. Recognizing that you do have a twin flame relationship will help you so the relationship won’t be so taxing on you!