What is Spiritual Love? I would define spiritual love as this:  Love without rules, conditions or limitations; it is the purest type of love. This is what I would call a form of Divine Love. This type of love comes from the Heart and  can be defined as Unconditional Love.

How do you know if you have Spiritual Love with your partner?

Here is a list of signs that you are experiencing Spiritual Love in your relationship.

  1.  You have chemistry and much passion for this person. Your partner makes you want to be with them all the time and are just happy to be in their company. You love their energy that they have and yearn to be in it.
  2.  You are not afraid in this relationship. You are positive and expect positive things in this relationship. Fear is not a factor.
  3.  You are able to communicate easily. The relationship is built on respect, non-judgment and just admiration! Anything can be said in the relationship as it is a safe environment where feelings can be displayed.
  4.  You are at peace and not worried about what the future brings! The relationship is very stable and you know where you stand in it. By just “being” in the relationship and “knowing” where you are this gives a feeling of security and peacefulness.
  5.  Your relationship is just easy! When you don’t have to try hard and make things happen you know that you have a solid relationship. Yes, we do have some struggles but for the most part your relationship is simple. The simplicity of the relationship shows that it is a worth wild one!