Are you one of those people that cannot say “no” to others? Maybe it’s hard for you to say “no” because you are afraid to let someone down or you feel you might be obligated to say “yes.” Sometimes this just might be with 1 person that you have a hard time saying “no” to as well.  If you are one of these people it is time to start exercising “how to set boundaries” and tell people “no.” It is not being selfish when we tell others “no” actually it is quite the opposite. When you start to set boundaries you are actually saying “yes” to yourself. Many times when someone is asking something of you, it might be something that you don’t want to do or it will take too much time to do. This then hurts you in the long run as you might be exhausted, frustrated or sometimes even angry. Knowing this aspect you can then see why it is actually a good thing to tell someone “no.” I do want to point out that there are times when we need to assist others but this is not what I am speaking about. It is when we consistently don’t tell others “no” when we really need to say “no,” that is setting a boundary! By setting boundaries with friends and family you are not only speaking your truth of how you feel but you are also letting them know you have a limit too! Being honest with self about what you want and are able to do, is investing in yourself! So, the next time when someone is needing a favor or something done, what will you do? Is this a person that constantly needs things and so to speak “cries wolf” for you to help them? Think of this as enabling them! Or is this someone that needs a bit of support and assistance? When you can discern between the 2 different things, this will allow you to set the boundaries that you need and give back to self!