I wanted to blog about predictions that might encounter in a reading. I always tell clients predictions are actually “potentials” or I like to call them your “roads” of things on our paths. Many things can adjust “your road” on your path. Nothing is set in stone because there are many paths that lead to the same destination. Not to mention, we have free will too! When I am reading the client, I am reading their energy at that moment/time on their road. Things can change with our thoughts or we have blockages and put you on a different road. This could be health, breakup, money, passing of a loved one, choice, your idea needs a bit of a tweaking or it could be another year(s) etc. So, I can tell you the timing on something and it can be changed, but the outcome can still happen. Remember, you are the creator of your road!

To demonstrate, I had a client that wanted to know if she would pass this important exam and I told her that she would. She came back to me to ask me why she didn’t pass, and I asked her what she did differently after we spoke. She told me that she decided not to study and so she changed her road that I was reading at that point in time. It was a “choice” that made her road different. After we spoke again, she went back and studied and passed the test, but it became a different time frame.

I had another client give me a review and told me that her relationship became worse after the reading. When this happens, remember I am reading your energy and not theirs. I always tell clients that you can work on your relationship, but it is up to your partner to do the same on their end. Sometimes from your efforts on making it work, they don’t want it to change or work on it and it can create a worse situation. Remember, your magnet must attract your magnet and they have a choice too. You can only do your work and they must do theirs too. So, the road that I gave her changed after the reading. She tried to make it better, but the partner was not willing to put in the work. It was the choice of the partner which changed her road.

So, the next time you have a reading and want someone to tell you your future road, remember it’s the energy that is read at that point in time. Sometimes, it might just involve you and your choice(s), other times it involves others which can change your path too! Remember there are many ways to get to your destination on your journey, its never 1 clear cut path!