We all have been told at some point in our life that we need patience. Patience is hard for many as we are accustomed to having things our way, on our time. We have been taught to multi-task and get things done quickly. For me, I get very frustrated with my phone or laptop is not working quickly enough. Then I have to remember what it was like before we had texting or broad band service! I also think about waiting on a reply of a letter! UGH! Now that is too long of a wait for me! In our society today, we have incorporated “speed” into everything we do. This includes us wanting answers quickly from the Universe. What is so funny is the Universe doesn’t work with time! There is NO time with the Universe! WHAT?! That is correct, they are working on what I call “Divine Time.” Divine Time is when something is right for you in your life at the moment. Have you ever had that moment when something happened exactly at that very moment and it couldn’t have come any later? If so, this is divine time at work! The Universe knows when something needs to be done at the time that is RIGHT for you, NOT when you wanted it. This is where the topic of “patience” comes in. Since we are geared toward wanting things at the “now” speed, we need to step back and allow the Universe to bring us what we need at the moment that is right for us. I always tell clients it is like planting a seed. Does the seed grow overnight? No, it takes time to develop and needs the right ingredients of water, sun and soil to make it grow. Just like the seed it’s the same in our lives. We might need different things to happen before we get that thing we are desiring. Sometimes the thing that we actually wanted turned out better than anticipated because it did take some time to receive it! So the next time you are wanting something at the “now” speed and you are giving up on the Universe for not assisting you. Take a step back and think, when the time is right for me the Universe will make it happen! Just by allowing this concept to settle in your body will allow you to easy up and not become frustrated. Remember, the Universe always knows what is best for us, be patient and allow them to do what is right for you, on Divine Time!