Several months ago I came across Louise Hays “Mirror Work” videos and lessons. Mirror work is a technique with working with a mirror to help love oneself. The process is to sit in front of a mirror and say out loud “I LOVE MYSELF.”  The individual really has to look in the mirror and “own” those words as they are speaking them. This process asks the individual to do this work 10 times a day. I know that this sounds so easy, however try it, you will be surprised on how hard it actually is. When one starts to look at themselves, almost always that person will look AWAY from the mirror! Why? The reason is that we have a hard time giving “self-love” to ourselves, actually loving ourselves. We might feel like the words that we are speaking are not true. We might feel like I cannot love myself because I am not worthy of love. The list continues to go on and on of why we can’t love ourselves. When you start to love yourself and appreciate who you really are then you can actually give more love to others! So now I want to challenge you to do the mirror work! This process is for 21 days of loving yourself. You will sit in front of the mirror 10 times a day saying “I LOVE MYSELF.” You can do this all in one sitting or several times throughout the day until you get to 10. Start the work and see how you react to this process. You will be amazed at how hard it is in the beginning and how much easier it becomes closer to the 21 days. Take the time and do the work, giving you the joy of loving oneself!