Twin Flames, soulmates, karmic relationship. It all begins with Self. Having experienced most of this with my own twin flame, I feel confident in guiding others. 

If you are feminine, 90 to 95% of the time, on your twin flame journey, you are considered to be the spiritual twin. The one who is awakened by spirit; experiences and feels energy. Even prior to the Divine Feminine (DF) awakening, she will be able to channel energy. Her upper chakras are typically more open in a twin flame dynamic allowing her to help guide the dynamic to a less toxic place. Women are able to verbalize our feelings sooner in this 3-dimensional process.

The Divine Masculine (DM) is more closed to this perspective and his chakras are more open towards the lower half of the body. Essentially, the DM is taking an opposing view to the DF. Therefore, twin flames can appear as complete opposites. The polarity must be closed from each opposing end. The DM being more open in the lower chakra centers is coming from a more physically grounded place; considered to be the matrix twin. The DM enjoys feeling through physical touch; loving through physical and material realities; more plugged into the 3d reality…

DF, realizing this is a highly spiritual divine- connection, in 5D. The DM might not understand why he has a pull towards his DF. None of this will make sense to the DM. More physical attraction will be there almost magnetic because the DM upper chakras are closed. The DM, because of the blocks in general, may not be able to verbalize his strong intense feelings towards his DF. Nine times out of 10 the Divine Masculine will have a hard time realizing that this is a twin flame connection let alone being familiar with the word twin flame. Or this spiritual connection may be too much for the logical twin to handle. The DM coming from the opposing side of the polarity will approach the clearing differently. The DF will be more able to grasp the spiritual truth of this bond and verbalize it. The DM will feel the pull. He will feel the connection but not necessarily be able to express it through the throat chakra. The most beautiful part about this phenomenon, is that both the DM/DF have the destination to meet at the heart space. The DF starting at the crown, and the DM starting at the root.

As the DF, this isn’t about waking up your twin or thinking your twin isn’t awake. you continue to awaken your twin flame by rising and holding space for this awakening to unfold; holding space within you will give the energy that the other twin needs to awaken fully. Mainly, when we don’t do these two things we inhibit our twin-flame from fully rising. Rising is continuing the natural expansion of yourself, releasing fear around the connection and doubt around your dreams, allowing yourself to be the limitless being you came here to be. This is a way of being. Not about achieving a goal at the end, but continuing to show up for yourself and releasing anything that’s not allowing you to rise.

Ultimately, we are human and therefore, we need these blocks to help propel us in the right direction, but they must be cleared. If you are blaming your twin flame for not addressing their own blocks you must not be addressing yours. You must find a way to allow yourself to rise. DF you cannot push or chase; you must learn to be magnetic. You become magnetic by releasing your own blocks so that you attract abundance in all ways. Holding the space is the next most important step. DF you cannot fix anything outside of yourself. There is deep programming of trauma and codependency, which cannot be fixed, projected on to you from society making you think that you can fix your counterpart. Your counterpart must choose to unblock himself.

Twin flames are here to be free and gain freedom from lifetimes of baggage. We share the same energy field. Holding the space allows you to not act out of fear or lower your standards in love in order to get some kind of an outcome. When twins are afraid of losing one another, they will force one another to try to see the connection which is often from the Divine Feminine being the more awakened one. Trying to prove the connection, they have the fear of being abandoned or that there won’t be a reunion. It may feel almost claustrophobic, and a reaction is to push away. Their reacting to the push back against ourselves. Refusing to raise our standard to what we are truly worth. Then we perpetuate this cycle that our flame is running.

But DF, you need to rise. You need to stand still and stand in your power; be happy with your own inner world. The key here is that we are not lowering our standards because we know our worth. Your twin is intertwined with your energy. The love offered is expressed once the blocks are removed. Ultimately, you have the free will. Once you have chosen to rise and hold space, it will be your twin’s choice to rise as well. If their soul chooses not to, you have the free will to seek other romantic spiritual partners. It’s not your destiny, DF, to live a life without a counterpart. The connection between the twins will be hard to match as you are the same soul in two bodies. Lower-level connections are possible, but will not likely be fulling in the end.  Soulmates and karmic relationships are still possible. It’s all a matter of the work yu want to put into yourself that leads you to the relationship of your choice.