• Suicide Solution

    Suicide Solution My sister Michelle killed herself on July 31st, 2023. In these months since, I’ve spoken to people, counselors, other survivors, friends, etc. I’ve read a book, and some articles. Partly to help myself […]

  • Your Birthday Is Your Personal New Year!

    Celebrating the new year is fun! But did you know that your birthday ushers in a personal new year just for you? A “solar return” is when the sun returns to the exact same degree/location […]

  • Spirit Art

      Spirit Art with Encaustic Wax Whilst I was attending the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences in December of 2022, I learned a fun and creative way to connect with spirit; spirit […]

  • The Healing Power of Connecting with Ancestors

    Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have recognized the importance of honoring ancestors. Ancestor veneration practices can be found in many spiritual traditions and indigenous communities. This reflects an underlying understanding of how […]

  • Which Disney Princess are you According to your Zodiac Sign?

    I read this fun article today and wanted to share it with you. I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney movies and of course the Princesses’ and their powerful stories of conquering evil, embracing […]

  • Learn Tarot: Virgo = The Hermit

    “Only upon reflection of his journey, will the answer come.” We are currently under the sun sign of Virgo (August 22/23 – September 22). Virgo is represented in the Tarot by the Hermit (Major Arcana, […]

  • Using Cards: Oracle, Angel and Tarot

    I wanted to write today to tell you the benefits and aspects of using your own deck of cards. It’s very simple! Anyone can do it. Most card decks come with descriptions of what each […]

  • Utilizing Saint Joseph

    There are A LOT of universal energies moving around right now. To touch on this, I am feeling obliged to write about Saint Joseph. He has an amazing power to help us during our physical […]

  • The Rose Quartz Crystal: A Powerful Healer for Body, Mind, and Spirit

    In the realm of holistic healing and spiritual practices, crystals have gained immense popularity for their abilities to promote well-being and balance. Among these radiant gems, rose quartz stands out as a gentle yet potent […]

  • Calling on Archangel Michael

    These days we can all do with a little extra love, support, and protection. Archangel Michael is the “Go To” for this help! Our beloved Terri would mention him a lot of times in class […]