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Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos


It is Halloween tomorrow, are you ready? Halloween is a wonderful time for all of us to dress up and enjoy the day and night of frightful things and candy! However, did you know that

Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos2020-10-22T12:31:11-07:00

Day of the Dead


Today we are in the midst of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This holiday lasts from October 31- November 2. I have blogged about this before called “Dia De Lost Muertos.” I

Day of the Dead2019-11-01T08:24:05-07:00

Dia De Los Muertos


Since Halloween is right around the corner, I wanted to blog about Dia De Los Muertos which means the Day of the Dead. This wonderful Mexican tradition is a celebration of the passing of our

Dia De Los Muertos2018-09-06T19:20:18-07:00


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